Personalised assistance in navigating the uncertainties of the next stage of life. Is retirement for me?

There is more to planning your retirement than financial planning.

You're good at your job but beginning to wonder:

"Do you keep working or is it time to retire?"

You may be wondering what will you do if you leave work?  Will you have enough money? What will you do with all that time on your hands? What if it doesn’t work out?  What is the right thing for you to do?

Life coaching provides clarity on where you are in your life, focuses on what you want to achieve, open up new possibilities and helps you develop and master effective ways of doing things.

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Longing for change but not sure if you are ready to retire? 

Access my special 3-part podcast series to help you gain clarity on how to transform your desires into a meaningful retirement plan.

There is more to planning your retirement than financial planning.

Retirement is a major life transition. Moving towards retirement can be a stressful time. You may have spent decades carefully setting aside money for your retirement years.

But you may still have many unresolved questions,  such as:

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Consider the four stages of retirement. Have you thought about how to make retirement both full and fulfilling?

Pre-retirement Stage

A busy stage of life providing for your family and accumulating wealth for future use. You are meeting daily deadlines for work tasks with not a lot of time to attend to plans for retirement. You may be feeling uncertain about what is ahead for you?

Active Stage

You may still be working part time or full time and have some leisure time to engage in activities you have put off until this stage of life. You enjoy the flexibility of not being tied to work commitments so much as you used to be. What will your next purpose in life be?

Contemplative Stage

Life is slowing down a little and you still wish to be utilizing skills and knowledge you have gained over your life experience. You believe you are still able to contribute positively to society. Ask yourself what legacies do you want to leave for your family and friends?

Dependency Stage

You are gradually moving towards being dependent on others. You may need assistance in your own place of residence or move into a place of care. Have you thought about your ability to be cared for by others? How do you wish to be cared for by others?

How can you?

Estelle Kelly of ek Coaching can help you to decide what you want to do in your retirement years and to establish what your goals are for the next phase of your life.