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Create a Wish List

Create a wish list of achievements you would like to be acknowledged for by others.

This is the third core principle of seven I work to when assisting people facing challenges in retirement.

Let me ask you two questions:

  1. What do you believe are your greatest achievements to date?
  2. What non-monetary legacy do you wish to leave for family and friends?

The answer to these questions are prompted by the poem The Dash written by Linda Ellis in 1996. (Google the poem if you are not familiar with it). This poem is about a speaker at a funeral emphasizing the dash, commonly used on headstones between the date of birth and the date of death, is more important than “how much we own, the cars…, the house……., the cash”. It is a poem about having a sense of purpose for our life.

This especially applies to people after they retire. Retirement is about recreating a different sense of purpose after we leave the workforce.

My role is to support people struggling with the concept of retirement; those who are not sure when to retire and those who have retired but are finding the adjustment difficult.

As a retirement coach I do not pen poems for those people thinking about retirement, either impending or currently living in retirement, but I do produce a podcast called Desire to Retire to assist people who wish to know more about retirement.

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