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Facing an Unexpected Retirement

I am a cricket fan which may explain the words I choose to use next.

Often LIFE sends us a curved ball i.e., an event we never dreamt would happen to us. It may be a health issue, a financial windfall/downfall, a workplace conflict/promotion or a relationship breakdown/reconciliation. Each of us is impacted in some way by life’s events and it is these events that makes us into the person we presently are. As long as we have breath, we continue to evolve.

How do you react when you are bowled over by a curved ball?

Do you:

a.) stand at the crease staring at the broken wickets unable to comprehend what just happened

b.) pick up your bat, learn from the experience and prepare to face the next curved ball?

Last week I shared with you the story of Mrs R forced into early retirement by an unexpected redundancy. She is also a cricket fan. Initially she was stuck in option a.) not sure how to manage the unexpected circumstance in her life.

By talking about her ‘sticky wicket’ event and enlisting some assistance to become unstuck Mrs R changed her plans from a.) to b.)

Hear other stories where life has brought an unexpected turn of events at my podcast, Desire to Retire, accessible at

I coach clients to move them from being stuck at the broken wickets to valuing it as a learning experience. Together we work to put your best foot forward and hit life for a six.

Let me know what you think.