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Freedom and Flexibility

How will you feel if you have more freedom and flexibility in your life?
Imagine not having to run to bells or shift schedules! Working full time for
many years can begin to feel robotic rather than satisfying. A recent Facebook posting in a Retired or Thinking Retirement group the writer was amazed at the number of people who declared upon retiring, they did not like their job. This is not surprising! In a regular survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics only 44% of full-time workers say they experience job satisfaction.

If you are one of those nurturing professionals, a teacher, social worker or health care worker, no longer experiencing the excitement and challenges your career used to bring you have many colleagues feeling much the same. I know when I was working full time, I used to say I didn’t want to be one of those staff members hanging around waiting for the standard retirement age to arrive. I didn’t, despite my life changing dramatically in a financial sense and me being too young to retire, I wasn’t sure what was next for me.

I did resign from a secure full time paid job and found freedom and flexibility. Ask yourself what is it you want for the next ten years of your life?

Imagine your freedom and future by design!

Tap into my podcast series on how retirement planning can give you freedom and flexibility. Hear how some of my clients have changed their lives in a positive way.