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How prepared are you for the next stage in life?

I am prompted to ask you this question as I have been reminded by my family about updating my Will. I am not old but I do know life circumstances can change suddenly and unexpectedly. I think of my client Ms L. whose husband died very unexpectedly. Ms L was so thankful he had an up-to-date Will at the time of his death.

Before his death Ms. L had not been the decision maker in the family so she found it daunting having to make decisions on her own. Suddenly she was dealing with a lot of uncertainty in her life. Even decisions about simple things like which plants to put in a new garden bed initially created much anxiety for her.

Over time and several conversations later Ms L grew in confidence about creating a new life for herself. She became more definite about her ideas rather than being swayed by other people’s opinions especially those of her strong-willed daughters. 

Imagine having the opportunity to do this for yourself without the tragic loss of a spouse/ life partner. Tap into my special three-part podcast series to hear how other clients have transitioned from feeling stuck in their current situation to making a change to a life they have envisaged.

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