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Waiting for the Weekends and Holidays

We love what we do but we can’t wait for the weekends and

What would you say if you could transform that conundrum into
taking some action to transform and change your current situation?

A group of nurturing professionals, nearing retirement age, were
chatting around the table during a lunch break at work. They were
saying how busy they are with work and they really look forward to
weekends and holidays. They recognised retirement is not too far
away for them so the discussion turned to, “What will we do in all
those hours we now spend at work?” There were no definitive
answers, YET. It seemed as if they were a little scared of being bored
(having no purpose) in retirement. Retirement can quickly loom as a
large unknown, uncertain phase of life.

I recall it was that way for me until I took some real action. I had a
picture of week after week of empty days in transitioning to
retirement and my head was filled with many unanswered questions.
So how are you going to going to fill those retirement days and

We are so caught up in the business of our professions we find it
difficult to find time to plan our next step with clarity. The thought of
retirement can be overwhelming. How can you create a plan to
reduce the conundrum of, “We love what we do but we can’t wait
for the weekends and the holidays?”

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